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Ryousuke Ito



Foodle Reviews

on 28 Aug 2023

日本料理 炎水 — A bit heavy to finish with the unaju but overall a solid meal especially the dashi. Although I was more impressed during my first visit over 2 years ago where there were more original dishes. •

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on 18 Apr 2021

Some highlights from a very promising new kaiseki restaurant called Ensui (炎水), in Nakameguro. I loved the space and the showmanship; things like shaving katsuobushi or grinding sesame by hand in front of you. Looking forward to watching them evolve.

on 20 Mar 2021

Ensui 炎水 1st visit — a new kappo restaurant by chef Itou san who trained at Ryugin. Open and spacious interior, wide counter built around the katsuoboshi slicer as Itou san believes dashi is the center element of kaiseki. The meal was quite traditional, with some innovative elements reminiscent of Ryugin. A few dishes were slightly under seasoned but overall a great experience. Great potential for this place with the chef’s focus and determination. •

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Japan, 〒153-0061 Tokyo, Meguro City, Nakameguro, 1-chōme−5−12 ATRIO1F


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+81 3-5860-7530