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Luca Marchini



Foodle Reviews

2 / 10
on 02 Jun 2022

Booked and upon arrival was told the booking we arranged was not possible to see a menu. Fine, but if so food needs to live up to expectations. Bland boring food and one of the ‘courses’ was a tiny piece of dry panettone. Completely underwhelmed with the food. Only Michelin star restaurant I’ve walked out of feeling like I’ve not eaten enough and only one dish out of 6 which I enjoyed - a terrible hit rate. Sommelier was nice but other staff were unhelpful. Desert course was half eaten by... More

on 20 Apr 2021

Petit fours to finish a fantastic meal
Staying in Modena overnight and having eaten at Osteria Francescana the previous day I decided to grab a lunch before heading back to Genoa to work. One star @lerbadelre L’Erba del Re was a surprisingly nice find. No one had recommended it to me and I found it by just flicking through the Via Michelin app with a 1⭐️ filter applied, which can be a bit of a lottery sometimes. The food here is more creative than traditional and reminded me very... More

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Via Castelmaraldo, 45, 41121 Modena MO, Italy


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+39 (059) 21 81 88