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Average rating from 3 meals 6 / 10
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7 / 10
on 04 Feb 2020

Popping in back in February 2020 to try some new dishes at StreetXO London which unfortunately I hear has closed now.

on 28 Aug 2019

Last but not least of this delicious meal....
Black mole &e Gianduja mousse, white Chocolate Ganache Spheres and
Chocolate ice cream

After visiting #diverxomadrid we simply had to give @streetxolondon a try and we didn’t regret it. Creative, Inventive food with seriously stunning flavours. .

Michelin Guide - 🍽
OAD list -
W50Best- .

#achefabroad #itravelforfood #foodie #foodies #foodporn... More

8 / 10
on 30 Jun 2019

Dinner a few weeks ago at StreetXO London. A restaurant that I had heard very mixed feedback about and even been warned to cancel my reservation by one London chef. But after my visit to DiverXO in Madrid I really wanted to explore more of Dabiz Muñoz’s culinary world. I am glad we went, it really was a fantastic meal packed with bold flavours. The desserts I felt were not really my cup of tea but the whole experience including some great cocktails to start was fantastic. So now I will be heading... More

3 / 10
on 20 Apr 2018

Loud and sloppy

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15 Old Burlington St, Mayfair, London W1S 2JR, UK


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+44 20 3096 7555