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Wine Bar

Foodle Reviews

on 30 Mar 2023

Late night champagne and club sandwich with good friends.

on 16 Apr 2021

The Champagne is in magnum, the ham is from Spain, the cheese boards are massive, the pancake is insane, the whiskies are rare, the cocktails are sharp, and the food is much better than it has any need to be.

If you’re in Kyoto, reserve a seat at Cave de K. Thank me later.

on 26 Jul 2020

Back at the best wine bar in Kyoto

9 / 10
on 27 Jun 2020

Arguably one of the best wine bars in Japan and by extension in the world.
I might say this because I had the Alain Robert 1988 Blanc de Blanc. This is my second bottle I am drinking and it confirmed that this is the best champagne I have ever had!
Their club sandwich and Wagyu Katsu Sandwich are simply outstanding too.

Recommended in Kyoto


Japan, 〒604-0961 Kyoto, Nakagyō-ku, Higashiikesuchō, ヴァルズビル一階 中京区木屋町二条東入ル481


Open hours


+81 75-231-1995