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Tsubaki Kanazawa


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Foodle Reviews

7 / 10
on 20 Dec 2023

季節料理 つばき in Kanazawa, stewarded by Chef Akiyoshi Komura, is a haven for traditional Kaiseki cuisine with a refined edge. Nestled in a tranquil, traditional Japanese setting, the restaurant offers a constantly evolving menu. Signature dishes include Inoshishi (wild boar) spare ribs, known for their delectable taste, and Kuma (bear) featured in both nabe (hot pot) and Udon, each dish bursting with umami and flavor. The place provides an excellent sake selection at ¥800 per unit, enhancing... More

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Japan, 〒920-1146 Ishikawa, Kanazawa, 上中町Kaminakamachi, I−巳1−2


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+81 76-229-0010