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Average rating from 2 meals 6 / 10
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Foodle Reviews

on 29 Nov 2022

Black pork shabu shabu in Kagoshima. Surely one of the best, if not the best.

6 / 10
on 09 Mar 2021

Back at one of the best shabu shabu places in Kyushu.

6 / 10
on 14 Nov 2019

Number 1 Shabu shabu restaurant in Kagoshima. On the ground floor one can have a quick tonkatsu but upstairs there are the tatami rooms where you can get your fix of shabu shabu.

The soup is superbly seasoned and the pork cooks in seconds just to then melt in your mouth. The raw egg, whipped in your bowl and the assortment of vegetables add to the composition of great flavours.

All of this for less than €50. Make sure to drop in when here before walking down to the Kagoshima waterfront... More

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Japan, 〒892-0843 Kagoshima, 千日町Sennichichō, 13−21 黒豚料理あぢもり


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+81 99-224-7634