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Kanji Kobayashi


Italian, Auberge

Foodle Reviews

on 11 Nov 2023

Squid, lotus root, red wine sauce

on 11 Nov 2023

Three yellow chicken, rice, soup

on 11 Nov 2023

Racan pigeon, peanuts, roselle

on 21 Jun 2023

Villa AiDA
Another outstanding day at one of my favourites, with the sun coming through the window to highlight the perfect vibes and beautiful plating. The seasonality shines through at this shop always, where the best ingredients at the time are put through just the most delicate touches to ensure simple harmony with each course. That squid dish... wow! Such a great meal as always!
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9 / 10
on 10 Apr 2023

Always a delight.
I could go there very day.

on 29 Apr 2022

WOTD: 07 Valentini Cerasuolo — subtle deep salmon tone, smoky, stoney and savory. Hint of dry herbs, hazelnut and toffee sweetness well balanced with crisp acidity. The savoriness (yet still juicy enough) makes it a great food wine, easy to pair with any dish. One of the most serious and complex roses, the Tondonia of Italy.

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9 / 10
on 08 Jul 2021

Vegetables are the star here, irregardless of any protein which gets served with them. And even more so in the summer. Some of those dishes are as goods as it gets. All of the vegetables are coming from the garden right next door and are perfectly cooked. The Phở gà was made with dashi from goat meat and had some of it in it. A great dish.
What a delight and always worth the hike to Wakayama.

on 15 Mar 2021

Villa Aida, Wakayama, February. They certainly have a way with vegetables. The fennel/squid dish blew me away. Also, a very strong natural wine list with an Italian and Japanese angle. A worthy destination. Thank you again, @villa_aida_wakayama @kanjikobayashi

on 06 Mar 2021

Villa AiDA 小林寛司シェフ & 智子さん



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on 03 Feb 2021

Villa AiDA 2nd visit — went for lunch last time, the villa has a completely different charm at night. Food was great as always, mostly winter root vegetables and some early spring herbs. The ultimate farm to table experience focused on the purity of the ingredients grown in their own backyard. •

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on 01 Feb 2021

Skin contact pinot gris from Beau Paysage was more restrained than i expected. Paolo Bea.. unusual chemically tinged palate, not really my cup of tea. The 3 Barolos showcased the various styles across the winemakers who all share overlapping traditionalist views. Cappellanos classic style showed rusticity and purity. The small single vineyard wines from Canonica on the upper slopes with it naturalist methods brings through a restrained power and elegance. Then Accomasso, who comes through as the... More

on 12 Dec 2020

An outstanding meal in deep Wakayama at @villa_aida_wakayama. One table per night. Vegetables from their farm next door. A deep Italian wine cellar (and some Japanese gems too). Delightful hospitality. Absolutely worth the journey.

8 / 10
on 22 Nov 2020

Second meal at Villa Aida, this time with the fall menu. Root vegetables, mushrooms and more protein than the August menu. Based on these two meals I think that they really shine on the vegetables. Fresh summer vegetables or fall root vegetables, no difference they are always incredibly tasty, well seasoned and perfectly cooked. This time we were more people and thus could indulge more on the super interesting wine list as the photo of the wines attest too. This is worth a trip. And while there one... More

9 / 10
on 09 Aug 2020

Talking about Farm2Table! This is the ultimate application of this concept. This restaurant is a villa 20 minutes outside Wakayama. It is housed in a house which looks from the outside and the inside like a Tuscan villa. The husband and wife couple only take on reservations for lunch and dinner up to 8 people. So if you turn up with the minimum of two people you have a very private dinner. Their fields where the grow almost all of the vegetables are right outside the front door. So Farm2Table takes... More

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71-5 Kawashiri, Iwade, Wakayama 649-6231, Japan


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