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Creative, Progressive Italian, Progressive


Alberto Gipponi

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on 18 Jun 2022

The unique world of Alberto Gipponi, cooking comfort food and discomfort food in Dina, in Gussago near Brescia.
He doesn’t care about current trends, his only goal is to cook tomorrow. And he is definitely part of tomorrow!


#albertogipponi #ristorantedina #discomfortfood #gussagofood #bresciafood #finedining #mugaritz #impasta #pasta #millefoglie #onmyplate... More

on 28 Nov 2021

Milk & Hay
Petit fours
A second visit to @dina_ristorante in Gussago almost a year to the day since my first. Chef @albertogipponi is an eccentric character and that shows in his cooking (in a good way). The food certainly splits opinions, Quail in a dessert, mussels in your petit fours etc. Personally I think it's fantastic and a privilege to be cooked for by a chef who wears his heart so openly on his sleeve. He generously presented me
with a dish that... More

9 / 10
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on 04 Nov 2021

It has happened to me a few times, to be surprised, pleasantly surprised, especially in restaurants. This is one of those times. The menu has 3 proposals: 4, 6, 8 courses. I had to work afterwards, so I chose the 4 course. The aperitif, consisting of: forest flavors; flavors of the sea; rice charcoal and a carrot in its vinegar; introduces you to the world of DINA. We start with a hot vegetable broth which, as the waiter suggests, serves to open your stomach, mind and heart. The "Raw but cooked Casoncello"... More


Via S. Croce, 1, 25064 Gussago BS, Italy


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+39 030 252 3051