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Average rating from 9 meals 8.4 / 10
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Daigo Sakai



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on 30 Jan 2024

Kohada (小鰭)

Signature piece in Edomae sushi. kohada is said to showcase the mastery of the chef. Needless to say, the kohada at Sushi Sakai was a masterpiece.
If you ever visit Fukuoka, I can only recommend Sushi Sakai ~ This place is crazy good and Sakai san is wonderful!
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8 / 10
on 14 Apr 2023

Sakai san in top form. Great otsumami, Hotaru-Ika, taco and ayu outstanding.
Nigiri, tuna as always from Yamanuki top quality, achi my favorite.

9 / 10
on 02 Sep 2022

Sakai san continues to produce outstanding otsumami and nigiris. I like the seasoning of his rice a lot, well balanced between sweetness, texture and acidity. He added a sommelier this year, who tries to match the food with a mixture of wines and sakes. I, being European, think the sakes are a much better match as they release mor umami from the nigiris. This, however, is a matter of personal taste.

on 04 May 2022

Sushi Sakai 鮨さかい 3rd visit — really loved how Sakai san could to express bold flavors from both the Shari and the neta yet managed to maintain perfect balance. My first visit last year was one of the top sushi experiences of the year, this time was close. Quite extensive selection for wine pairing although some didn’t work very well.. •

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8 / 10
on 09 Apr 2022

Excellent lunch

on 26 Jan 2022

Sushi Sakai 鮨さかい 2nd visit — my first time here last year was probably the top sushi meal of the year so I had high expectations but too bad the chef was not in today, so the chef from the second shop Gahoijin upstairs filled in. The first couple of otsumami didn’t start out particularly strong but the meal got better and better since. The nigiris were top class even though not as striking as the first time. But overall a very good meal and great value. •

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on 03 Nov 2021

Sushi Sakai 鮨さかい 1st visit — I’ve been looking forward to trying this place and the meal exceeded my expectations in every way. They flow of service was flawless and the food was impressive. Most mind blowing nigiri was the maguro chiaigishi (血合いぎし), a perfectly intense mouthful of extreme umami explosion, while the temperature, texture and acidity of the shari keeps everything in balance. Possibly among the top 3 sushi experience of all time. •

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on 29 Apr 2021

鮨 さかい
最高の寿司。 すべての料理が美味しかったです。 特製あん肝を含め、おそばみは7品。 握り寿司はどんどん高くなっていきました。 これは今年最も感動的な食事の1つだと思います。BOOM!!!
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7 / 10
on 09 Mar 2021

Great meal, good as always

10 / 10
Top list
on 27 Mar 2019

Third meal in less than 2 years. This Tabelog Gold and now GM three star restaurants is certainly a benchmark in Fukuoka and maybe even in Japan.

It appears to me that the shari changes with the seasons so to better harmonise with the various netas the season is offering. The otsumami is world class and never fails to surprise.

For me an absolute must when in Fukuoka

9 / 10
on 27 Jul 2018

Tabelog Gold restaurant in Fukuoka. Third meal here, the quality of the ingredients are impeccable and the execution flawless.

7 / 10
on 27 Apr 2017

- Daigo Sakai

The dining room designed by the country’s top sukiya-zukuri architect Maeda Shinji is breathtaking and stunningly beautiful.

This is one of the sushi places where the Chef gives a felling as if you were in a church during service. Hushed voices, stern observation from the Master himself. As the paying customer you asked yourself why you submit to such a treatment.

Nevertheless, the classical Edo-mae sushi meal with nigiris and tsumami small dishes was great, maybe that is... More

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Japan, 〒810-0002 Fukuoka-ken, Fukuoka-shi, Chūō-ku, Nishinakasu, 3, 福岡市中央区西中洲3−20LANEラウンドビル 2F


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+81 92 726 6289