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on 21 Sep 2023

Casa Marcial
A couple of hours northwest of Bilbao near the Spanish coast and flanked by epic mountains, is this gem. When one of the first dishes that arrives with a combination of angulas, kokotxas, caviar and pil-pil sauce, it is hard not to love this place. Creative and playful, whilst working with ingredients local to Asturias, the chef works with food textures, sauces and plating which resulted in one of our favourite meals on this trip. This restaurant... More

on 19 Feb 2023

Casa Marcial, 2 Michelin stars — remote location in rural Asturias; beautiful mountain view & refined regional cuisine. Favorite dish was the “autumn”: chestnut, apple, sweet potato and preserved mushrooms from last autumn, an interesting dish to have in early spring.

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on 19 Jul 2020

Leche y Pasto, Paisaje (Milk and Pasture, Landscape) @[instagram] Casa Marcial, Asturias, Spain (May 2019)
The final dessert came in different versions by seasonality. The interesting element in this dish was the sorrel juice that tasted like a very green grape juice. Nice presentation and a refreshing finish.
Overall I enjoyed my experience at Casa Marcial. There were a few highlights and I liked the fact that it was not the same as what you get in other fine dining restaurants in Spain. There... More


Calle La Salgar, s/n, 33549 Arriondas, Parres, Asturias, Spain


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+34 (98) 5840991