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C矇sar Marquiegui


Regional Cuisine, Spanish

Foodle Reviews

on 06 Jun 2020

Desserts turned out to be pretty good, especially this cream puff pastries with caramel (pic 1-2). That caramel sauce 中中中
Pic 3 was Leche Frits flambeada con helado de turron (Flambe fried milk nougat ice cream) and pic 4-5 was bunuelos de chocolate con helado de coco y lima (chocolate fritters with coconut ice cream and lime). Both were decent.

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2 / 10
on 31 May 2019

Three of us ate here 31.05 Friday. We had one of the worse dining experience of the recent years in this otherwise overhyped restaurant. We eat out a lot all over the world, but honestly its beyond us why this place is popular. The only acceptable part of the dinner was the Joselito ham platter as it doesnt need any cooking skill only plating. Everything else and I mean everything else was close to inedible, blend, under seasoned. The real nightmare started when the main fish dishes were served.... More

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Calle Villegas, 3, 03001 Alicante, Spain


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+34 965 200 368