Dinner at MAZ

Dinner at MAZ

at MAZ (MAZ) on 31 January 2024
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MAZ | Part II: Our culinary journey continued from extreme altitude to the deepest Amazon. 🇵🇪🌎🌽🍫🙌🏻

Corn・Dry Aged Beef・Huacatay 🌽
Corn puree, purple corn crisp, egg yolk string, smoked, dry-aged Yamagata-raised beef with half charred and powdered Peruvian huacatay (“black mint”).

◇パン: マカを練り込んだもの、とうもろこしのパウダーがけ🥖
‘Bread’ made from maca root flour, sprinkled with choclo (Peruvian corn) powder.

Mil Zuccardi (Mendoza, Argentina) 🍷

アンデスの森 ANDES FOREST 【3760 MASL】
Chaco・Beef Cheeks・Kiwicha 🥔
Nagano-grown purple potatoes that are salt-baked/steamed in a paste made from Peruvian chaco (edible clay) and salt.

◇牛頬肉 ペルーの唐辛子のソースに24時間煮込んだものキノコ、紫芋のピューレ、牛の出汁ソース、牛のハツを削ったもの、2色(黄色・茶色)のキウィチャをかけた 🥩
Beef cheek, braised for 24 hours in a Peruvian chili (mole) sauce, covered with mushrooms, purple potato puree, beef broth sauce, shaved beef hearts and two colours (yellow and brown) of kiwicha.

Garage Wine Co. Isidore Vineyard D.O. Maule Semillon 2020 | F3 (Maule Valley, Chile) 🥂

Cabuya・Guava・Coconut 🌵
Lemongrass granita, cabuya cactus nectar, coconut, quinoa and bahuaja nut ‘granola’

◇グアバ、銀杏、ターメリック 、ココナッツの泡 🥥
Guava, ginkgo, turmeric, coconut foam.

O-Tuber Oxalis Tuberosa 🍸
A ‘sweet wine’ made from fermented ocas (oxalis tuberosa) that are organically grown in Cuzco , Peru. O-tuber is the set pairing at both CENTRAL and MAZ for the HIGH FOREST course.

アマゾニア AMAZONIA【750 MASL】
Chunchu Cacao・Macambo ・Copoazu 🍫
◇コポアス 果肉のシャーベット
Copoazu pulp sorbet.

◇マカンボ 種のクレームブリュレ🍫
Macambo (white cacao) seed crème brûlée.

Macambo noodles. Had a delightful texture similar to moochi.

Gelée of cacao mucilage (the white pulp surrounding the cacao beans)

Chunchu cacao sponge cake.

Cacao nib paste

Q’Aqe 3685 MSMN🌿
A herbal bitters made with herbs, roots and other wild plants foraged near Mil, in Moray.

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