Lunch at Steirereck.

Lunch at Steirereck.

with Andy Hayler at Steirereck im Stadtpark on 4 July 2019
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Lunch at 2 star Steiereck in Vienna. Set in the middle of the Stadtpark is provides beautiful setting and even better food.

The very convenient a la carte menu gives you plenty of choices to pick from. The food is deeply rooted in Austrian tradition with even dishes like goulash and Wiener Schnitzel as a choice, it is unashamed modern in technique and plating. The tasting profile is restraint, but very subtle and flavourful. The execution is flawless and perfect, no wonder as the Chef who prepares the goulash does it now for over 20 years without changing the recipe.

The front office is managed by Mrs. Reitbauer herself with casual efficiency and provides the diner with almost Japanese hospitality. The wait staff can answer competently any question about the bread trolly which contains more then 30 choices or the cheese trolly with even more. The sommelier understands quickly what you are looking for and suggest appropriate choices.

A great delight to spend part of the afternoon there and enjoy the great food.

8 / 10