Dinner at Mirazur

Dinner at Mirazur

at Mirazur on 13 June 2019
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One of the two new three stars in France, it is set above the Mediterranean sea close to the Italian border with a stunning view.

The food, even though the Chef comes from Argentina, is modern, classic French, reflecting his work at places like Arp├Ęge and Ducasse in Paris.

The menu is tilted heavily towards vegetables from their own gardens (3!), combined with fruits to add acidity and sometimes luxurious ingredients like caviar. The only meat course, the pigeon was perfectly cooked with a beautiful texture.

I have eaten Mr. Colagreco's food only in collaboration dinners and pop-ups in London so it is hard for me to judge if he had lifted his game so he was awarded the third star. However, what I got this evening, did not make me regret the journey I took to come here.

9 / 10