Lunch at Frantzén

Lunch at Frantzén

at Frantzén on 9 February 2019
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Winter season menu at Frantzen. Arguably the most hyped restaurant (aside from Noma 2.0) in Europe in the past 18 months. When they decided to go after that third Michelin star, they really went all-in.
Michelin 3*.


View from the outside.

Dry-aging proteins. Seen from the entry lobby.

The kitchen counter in the lounge area has a freezer compartment. The ingredients of the tasting menu were revealed during the tour. This pic reminds me a lot of Northern renaissance still-life paintings.

Grape macaron, whipped foie gras, condensed port wine, danish rye & hibiscus.

Their riff on raraka, which is a traditional Swedis potato pancake. This version is crisp like rosti, filled with sour cream, and topped with tiny fish roe and pickled onions.

Smoked eel, cauliflower, toasted nori, pickled cucumber & parsley.

Celeriac, preserved truffle, argan oil, nutmeg & Swedish maple syrup.

Crudo: scallop, salted plum and tomato water, fermented anchoby, horseradish & purple radish.

The signature langoustine dish. Norwegian langoustine, crispy rice (koshihikari) & clarified butter. This was dynamite!

Chawanmushi, Frantzen prestige caviar, aged pork broth.

Monkfish, fermented mushroom broth, pea miso, hazelnut oil, Jerusalem artichoke.

Onion, licorice, almond -three favorite Swedish flavors - in soup form.

Another signature dish - the truffle toast. French toast, truffle, "vaccine rosse" & vinegar aged in juniper wood.

Fallow deer, pupkin, XO, caramelized orange, foie gras, jus roti "vierge."

BBQ pigeon, preserved blueberries, thyme, pickled mustard seeds, yellow foot chanterelles & fermented peppercorn.

"Nordic sundae": smoked ice cream, whipped ginger, tar cruble, dried yolks & date syrup.

Sorbet, frozen citrus marshmallow, lemon verbena granita, herb oil.

Meringe, pine, arctic raspberry & Sichuan pepper.

The mignardise trolley. One notable truffle had pig's blood & lingonberry!