Lunch at Candlenut

Lunch at Candlenut

at Candlenut on 12 May 2018
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Back at my favorite restaurant in Singapore, where Malcolm Lee presents his modern take on Peranakan cuisine. It's an obligatory stop for me every time I am in Singapore.

Full account of lunch is here:

8 / 10

Wing bean salad, baby red radish, lemongrass, cashew nuts, prawns, calamansi lime dressing

Candlenut buah keluak fried rice, sunny side up

Westholme wagyu beef rib rendang, serunding, turmeric leaf

Candlenut's classic chendol cream, pandan jelly, gula melaka - the best chendol in the world, for me

Mao Shan Wang ice cream, durian puree, kueh rose - can't not have the durian dessert