Dinner at RyuGin Hong Kong

Dinner at RyuGin Hong Kong

at Ryugin on 29 September 2017
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The format has changed from 10 to 12 courses, and the classic hot/cold dessert has been taken off the menu. Dishes still show classic flavors as well as some modern techniques.

Full account of dinner is here:

8 / 10

Uni, namanori seaweed and shiromiso paste with superiore Chinese broth jelly (海胆 生海苔と白みそのピュレ 上湯の煮凝り)

Hairy crab dumpling soup, chrysanthemum, aroma of matsutake (毛蟹真蒸のお椀 黄菊 松茸香る)

Charcoal grilled river eel