Dinner with spring ingredients at Godenya

Dinner with spring ingredients at Godenya

at Godenya on 23 April 2018
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Another delicious dinner at this small hideaway serving delicious Japanese fare with each course paired with sake. This time the chef made use of fresh ingredients available in spring, such as sansho flowers and sakura shrimp.

Full description of dinner is here: http://www.diarygrowingboy.com/2018/04/the-last-flowers-of-spring.html

8 / 10

Blue crab, ark shell, mango, sansyo flower (渡蟹 赤貝 マンゴー 花山椒)

Hard clam, shirogai, uni, seaweed, parsley, bamboo shoot (蛤 白貝 雲丹 パセリ)

Abarone, liver, butterbur scape, morel mushrooms, rice (鮑 鮑肝 蕗の薹 モレルマッシュルーム 米)

Sakura shrimp ochazuke (桜海老 茶漬け)