Lunch at Comme Chez Soi

Lunch at Comme Chez Soi

at Comme Chez Soi on 30 June 2018
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Lovely lunch at this historic 2-star, with surprisingly modern flavors and presentation.

Full account on lunch is here:

8 / 10

Halibut millefeuille

Marinated beef with juniper berries and tarragon, emulsion of tuna with caper berries

Filet of red mullet, lime butter with green sansho, cardamom, crispy vegetables with kalamansi

Presa Duroc from Batallé roasted with nuts oil, peas, ramonache, roquette, young Parmesan

Royal quails from Dombes with Leffe Caractère beer and marjoram, stuffed celery root with snails from Namur and garlic