Lunch at Gion Sasaki

Lunch at Gion Sasaki

at Gion Sasaki on 1 April 2020
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Newly minted three star place on Yasaka-dori, lined with famous restaurants and close to Kennin-ji Temple in Higashiyama, Kyoto. Chef Hiroshi Sasaki prepares seasonal dishes in flavourful combinations.
There is a a no photo policy so here is the menu:

Onion - boiled and ice cream
Dashi with Hamaguri 蛤 and vegetables
Buri sashimi with daikon
Katsuo 鰹 hand roll
Daikon with miso soup
Nanohana & deep fried tai spring vegetables purée
Ebi hotate scallops
Gohan bamboo and sancho peppers

Dessert tray

The price was less than ¥10,000/person, a very good value for an excellent three star kaiseki meal.

7 / 10