Dinner at Kataori

Dinner at Kataori

at Kataori on 13 June 2023
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The summer menu at Kataori was an absolute delight! It showcased the culinary mastery of the Kataori restaurant in Kanazawa, offering a meatless selection with four expertly cooked fish dishes.

We started with the tai (sea bream) served with a super fine dashi, and the flavors were exquisite. The sashimi selection included akaika, kijihata, and akanishigai, each providing a unique and tantalizing taste experience. The botan ebi sashimi, with its excellent texture and deep flavor, paired with non-smoked katsuo, stood out as a true highlight.

One of the standout dishes was the deep-fried nori topped with raw ebi. The interplay of the crispy nori and the softness and sweetness of the ebi created an incredible fusion of textures.

The Chirashizushi featuring nodoguro (blackthroat seaperch) served in a small wooden box was a genius creation. The flavors were incredibly tasty and satisfying.

The best course of the evening was undoubtedly the Torigai (Japanese cockle) paired with Hokkaido asparagus. The soft clam perfectly complemented the slightly crunchy asparagus, creating a harmonious balance of taste and texture.

The meal was rounded out with top-quality rice topped with various toppings, providing a satisfying conclusion to the culinary journey.

Kataori continues to impress as one of the top Kaiseki restaurants in Japan. The exceptional food, combined with the warm and welcoming hospitality of the Kataori family, made every visit a delightful experience.

10 / 10