Dinner at Daniel Berlin Krog

Dinner at Daniel Berlin Krog

at Daniel Berlin on 25 July 2019
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Caramelized yogurt ice cream & rosemary and pine & meringue @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Szeremley Late Harvest Zeus, BADACSONY, HUNGARY 1999 @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Chocolates from Peru / Tanzania / Honduras @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

path to the greenhouse @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Colostrum and elderflower ice cream & wild strawberries & caramelized spelt & sea lace @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Pomologik Gravenstein ice ice baby @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Milk ice cream & sorrel and nettles juice & lettuce root oil & cucumber jello & parsley and meadowsweet @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Fresh herb tea & garden apple @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Williams Selyem Burt Williams' Morning Dew Ranch Pinot Noir 2011 @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Beet rotisserie & oxtail fat & black currants & fermented oats @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Sergio Bonfantini, Conti 1987 @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Angus cow & garden broccoli & chanterelles & lemon thyme & beef broth & grilled broccoli foam @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Gonon, Saint Joseph 2011 @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Angus cow & broccoli @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Ximénez-Spínola Exceptional Harvest 2017 @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Rougeard breze 2011 @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

All of celery root - grilled in beech wood & oil of celery stem & bread of the shell & broth of the rest @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Pike perch & smoked garden peas & grilled butter & nasturtium flowers & apple butter @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Domaine Lamy-Pillot Chassagne Montrachet Les Caillerets 2006 @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Tart of rye and pine & grilled broad beans & gooseberry & black currant leaf powder & chives and onion flowers & smoked white currant @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

limabacka mill wheat and spelt sourdough & butter from Holstein cow @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

All of the cod (loin & cheeks & stomach) & foam of whelks broth and lavender & unripe strawberries & cauliflower & smoked and pickled rhubarb @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas #dotn

Chateau de La Maltroye, Chassagne Montrachet 2017 @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Salt and sugar cured mackerel & pickled gooseberry & beech mustard flowers and root broth & radish & smoked pine oil @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Kohlrabi & green currants & raw shrimp from northern Sweden & oyster leaf & dill & kelp @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Koehler-Ruprecht Kallstadter Saumagen Riesling Spätlese 2016 @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Strawberries & vodka & black currant leaf powder @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Yeast pancake & pork belly cooked in vinegar & frozen horseradish & lingonberries @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Duck liver & anise & aronia berries & chestnuts crisp & cinnamon @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Langoustine & garden zucchini & creme of elderflower & lovage & chickweed @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Roses of lardo & mustard & quail egg & corn @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Cylinder made of duck tongue and skin filled with purple peas from garden & parsley & maran egg yolk & onions @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Vincent Renoir Champagne Grand Cru 72 Mois Extra Brut @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

hand dived blue mussels on toast & cucumber & sea lace & fermented wheat @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas

Tomatoes green house @danielberlinkrogiskanetranas