Dinner at Tori Shin

Dinner at Tori Shin

at Tori Shin on 1 May 2017
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Thank you chef ikeda san!

Shiso granita

Matcha & sesame & hojicha creme brulee

Grilled shiitake

Tsukemen & chicken and quail eggs & concentrated chicken dipping

Oyako don

Ground chicken rice & egg & shiso

Chicken butt

Chicken knee

Chicken wing

Chicken and duck meatball & duck egg dip

7 chickens' kidneys

chicken oyster

Chicken back soft bone (nankotsu)

Grilled quail and asparagus

120 day chicken gizzards escabeche

Corn and scallop and Angelica (taranome) fritto misto

Kumamoto beef & grilled potatoes & wasabi

Chicken and seaweed compound cream cheese & miso cured cream cheese

Grilled iberico loin & tomatoes & red yuzu kosho

Tomino hozan, yellow koji sweet potato shochu, kagoshima

Chicken main artery

Chicken neck & yuzu kosho

Grilled baby corn (not from can)

Chicken jerky & Kewpie

Daikon & quail egg cleanser

Chashu chicken & soy soaked running egg

Grilled chicken liver & 50 yr old tare

Grilled spicy mentaiko

Chicken filet

Grunt fish sashimi & grilled Nodoguro and bamboo shoots from Maine

Kura no shikon, sweet potato shochu w rice koji aged in pot

Firefly squid & white miso

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