Dinner at Per Se

Dinner at Per Se

at per se on 1 April 2018
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Fluke and lime tartare & crème fraiche & sesame cone @perseny

Cheddar and cabbage cookie @perseny

Artichoke veloute & Serrano ham & brioche cruton & creme fraiche & black truffles @perseny

Oyster and pearls @perseny

Lopez, Blanco 1947 @perseny

Hen egg custard & black truffle ragu & chives potato chip @perseny

Nantes carrot salad & hearts of palm & slow cooked pineapple & young coconut vinaigrette @perseny

Charcoal grilled santa barbara young sable fish (then confit in brown butter) & Holland white asparagus & compressed radishes & sour apple vierge @perse #bestfishthisyear

Hawaiian abalone & 100 day dry aged corn beef & spicy tomato BBQ & Moroccan olives & sauce Bordelaise & nasturtium @perseny

Rye bread & hazelnut and apricot & animal farm butter @perseny

Yorkshire porcelet & asparagus & toasted barley & sauce perigourdine @perseny

Lopez, rouge 1947 @perseny

Veal en croute @perseny

Veal en cruote & morel mushrooms & veal jus @perseny

Gougere filled with aged gruyere & olive oil @perseny

Frozen yogurt & rose pate fruit & angel's food cake @perseny

Tangerines & crepe suzette & vanilla creme chiboust & orange reduction @perseny

Cappuccino semifredo @perseny

Opera cake & coconut & candied almond & chocolate @perseny

Petit four @perseny

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