Dinner at Contra

Dinner at Contra

at Contra on 8 October 2017
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It's a wrap. @lyleslondon x @contrany

Treacle tart & milk ice cream @lyleslondon x @contrany

Mars grape @lyleslondon x @contrany

Bread and butter & St Cera @lyleslondon x @contrany

Grouse breast & hen of the woods & damson plum
@lyleslondon x @contrany

Domaine de la tournelle, trousseau Des corvee, jura 2015 @lyleslondon x @contrany

Sea Robin & sorrel & charred eggplant and chilies @lyleslondon x @contrany

Blood pudding cake & lardo & pig's head & beans & husk cherry @lyleslondon x @contrany

Fushimi pepper stuffed w mussels and fava & fava sprouts & mussel jus @lyleslondon x @contrany

Jean yves Peron, cotillon Des dames, jacquere, savoie 2014 @lyleslondon x @contrany

Uni & roasted squash tea & pumpkin seeds & orange and lemon verbena oil & hazelnut and squash puree @lyleslondon x @contrany

Oyster & pear and pear vinegar & nasturtium / chocolate onion cookie & grouse liver pate & damson plum jam @lyleslondon x @contrany

Marie et Vincent Tricot, Jour de fete, gamay rose, Loire, vdf 2016 @lyleslondon x @contrany

Leaf taco - wasabi & chestnut & spinach & arugula & kale & yogurt / sweet potato leaf sandwich & lobster & shrimp & tomato @lyleslondon x @contrany