Dinner at Atoboy

Dinner at Atoboy

at Atoboy on 25 September 2017
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Doujang crème brulee & soy pecans & gochujang puffed grains & canided pine nuts @atoboynyc x @mingleseoul x @baroo_la (this is from mingles)

Misugaru (grain powder) & soy granita & sorrel & candied walnuts @atoboynyc x @mingleseoul x @baroo_la

Braised short rib & foie sauce & fresh dates & chestnut @atoboynyc x @mingleseoul x @baroo_la (this dish by atoboy)

Black cod & clam sauce & doujang & mushrooms
@atoboynyc x @mingleseoul x @baroo_la (this dish by mingles)

Fermented grains & noorook & beet coulis & rose & red onion @atoboynyc x @mingleseoul x @baroo_la

Poached egg & dried squid & Pollack roe & hen of the woods @atoboynyc x @mingleseoul x @baroo_la (this dish by atoboy)

Fermented rice cakes @atoboynyc x @mingleseoul x @baroo_la (this dish by mingles) to be eaten w the zucchini broth

Layered zucchini seon (usually stuffed w proteins) & vegetables broth @atoboynyc x @mingleseoul x @baroo_la (this dish by mingles)

Fennel & carrots & daikon & gochujang and tomato sauce & puffed grains @atoboynyc x @mingleseoul x @baroo_la (this dish by baroo)