Dinner at Aska

Dinner at Aska

at Aska on 26 June 2019
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Blood pudding and rosehip / caramelized white chocolate / beet jerky with juniper / crispy lichen and chanterelles cream and gold @askanyc

Birchwood ice cream & dehydrated black trumpet mushrooms @askanyc

Aebleskiver with woodruff syrup @askanyc

Preserved black currant tart & fresh cheese @askanyc

Roasted quail breast & burnt pine oil & summer truffles @askanyc

Maison des Joncs Bourgogne Hautes-CĂ´tes de Nuits Rouge 2017 @askanyc

Roasted Vermont quail legs @askanyc

Poached hake & roasted sunchoke & toasted yeast and rapeseed sauce & lambs quarters & sorrel @askanyc

Manitoba of oats and beer & cultured butter and black locust flowers & whipped pork fat and dried yarrow @askanyc

Domaine Labet Cotes du Jura Les Varrons Chardonnay 2013 @askanyc

Grilled New England scallop & charred onion broth with black currant leaf & pickled elderflower capers @askanyc

grilled langoustine tail with chamomile vinegar @askanyc

Langoustine claw meat & sea buckthorn compressed rutabaga & chamomile @askanyc

Julien Altaber Sextant Bourgogne Aligote 2018 @askanyc

Langoustine brain & shell broth & pickled chamomile @askanyc

Imperial ossetra from Poland & dehydrated cabbage & fermented asparagus and oyster foam & pickled ramps jam @askanyc

Razor clams & super reduced cucumber paste & succulent strips & razor clam broth & pine needles oil @askanyc

Weingut Maria & Sepp Muster 'Erde' Sauvignon, STEIERMARK 2013 @askanyc

Pommes souffle & carrot top smoked vendace roe emulsion & pickled elderflower @askanyc

Kohlrabi tube compressed with linden leaf oil and linden flower vinegar & linden oil emulsion & charred cucumber powder @askanyc

Doyard Cuvee Vendemiaire Premier Cru Blanc de Blancs Brut @askanyc

Bladderwrack kelp chip & blue mussels emulsion @askanyc