Dinner at Aska

Dinner at Aska

at Aska on 13 July 2018
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Blood chocolate fudge & rosehip / caramelized white chocolate & swedish punsch & sourdough malt powder @askanyc

Fermented mushroom fudge filled aebleskivers @askanyc

Birchwood ice cream & black trumpet mushrooms & woodruff syrup @askanyc

Milk sorbet & fermented strawberry juice & dehydrated and fresh strawberry @askanyc

Poached skate wing & white currants & bronze fennel & celery root puree & yarrow & charcoal roasted turnip glazed with lovage & sauce of dill and skate bones @askanyc

Equipo Navazos, La bota de florpower, andalucia @askanyc

Reduced and remulsified cream & preserved pine shoots & chanterelle mushrooms broth & spruce vinegar & lichen @askanyc

Maison en Belles lies, clos roussots 1er cru, maranges 2015 @askanyc

Roasted celery root tart & rendered aged beef fat & summer truffles @askanyc

Matassa, romanissa casot, Grenache & carignan & mourvedre, languedoc roussillon 2017 @askanyc

Roasted quail breast & heart & liver @askanyc

Roasted quail leg from Vermont & summer truffles & fermented lingonberries and quail jus @askanyc

Ruth Lewandowski, feints, arneis & barbera & dolcetto, Mendocino 2017 @askanyc

25 months dry aged dairy cow leg tartare & fresh peas & broth of pea pods and pickled wild flowers @askanyc

@fredrikberselius on dairy cow tail aged for 25 months @askanyc

Green asparagus & Carella caviar & lemon verbena & pickled ramp capers & fermented asparagus juice and whey foam @askanyc

Dinner roll with fennel & malt / whipped juniper cured pork fat & yarrow flower powder @askanyc

Prager, Chardonnay, wachau 1999 @askanyc

Dodge cove oysters & fermented green goose berries & orpine succulent & vinaigrette of pine needle oil @askanyc

Languostine & chamomile & nasturtium & langoustine head sauce vinaigrette @askanyc

Manitoba with oats and beer & sunflower seeds & cultured butter @askanyc

Crispy Maine pink shrimp head & shrimp head oil emulsion & dill powder / pickled rose petals & pink shrimp tartare with dill & shrimp and lamb consomme @askanyc

Kohlrabi pressed with linden leaf oil & linden flowers vinegar & radish flowers @askanyc

Pierre Gerbais, grains de celles, pinot blanc / noir / chardonnay @askanyc

Garden table cloth @askanyc

Potato pancake & pommes souffle & salted and smoked winter flounder roe & elderflower gel @askanyc

Maine bladderwrack seaweed crisp & blue mussel emulsion & cornflower @askanyc