Dinner at Aska

Dinner at Aska

at Aska on 20 September 2017
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White chocolate and swedish arrack & sourdough malt / pig's blood fudge & rose hip / white peony tea @askanyc

Birchwood ice cream & candied trumpet mushroom & raw pine mushrooms & woodruff oil @askanyc

Raw milk sorbet & lilac cordial & cosmo flowers @askanyc

Roasted Scottish game grouse & jus of grouse and pine butter and black currant & yarrow & red currants @askanyc

Ligonberry & rosehip @askanyc

Seaweed tart of 450 days aged 3 year dairy cow's leg & ramp and celery seed capers & lightly roasted beef fat @askanyc

Lichen & pickled chanterelle & mushroom broth & caramelized cream & preserved pine shoots & spruce vinegar @askanyc

Annie et Philippe Bornard Cotes du Jura Les Chassagnes Savagnin 2012 @askanyc

Cured and roasted on the bone skate & baked celery root & bronze fennel & celery root and leaf puree & dill vinegar and flowers & wood sorrel @askanyc

Pear & sunchoke @askanyc

Compressed garden cucumber with linden flower vinegar and linden leaf oil & salad burnet & cucumber flowers and ash @askanyc

King crab legs shreds cooked in roasted crab shell consommé & spice bush burnt potatoes & marigold flowers & quail egg yolk & flower gel @askanyc

Somloi Vandor, juhfark, Hungary 2015 @askanyc

Pig blood pancake & rosehip & amaranth & rose petals wrapped pig fat / raw milk and lemon oleo saccharum @askanyc

Scallop and it's roe & pickled elderberry capers & broth from scallop lip and pickled elderberry liquid & elderflower oil @askanyc

Smoke carrot juice @askanyc

Maine shrimp & salt cured ash leaf & grilled cream and dill oil & fermented green mulberry @askanyc

Finnish caviar from Carelia & baked rutabaga & nasturtium flowers & cold pressed unfiltered rapeseed oil foam @askanyc

Peter Lauer, sekt, mosel 2015 @askanyc

Spring fermented Matjes herring ableskiver & alcohol preserved birch leaf wrapped toasted milk & sorrel & pickled herring head and tail @askanyc

Glidden point oysters cooked in it's shell & oyster emulsion & fermented green gooseberries & orpine succulents & wild carrot flowers & juniper needle oil @askanyc

Apple and lemon verbena @askanyc

Cured languostine roe & potato pancake @askanyc #toptendish2017

Languostine cooked in chamomile and lavender & sauce of pickled chamomile and languostine head & nasturtium @askanyc

Malt and spices roll / Manitoba with oats and beer / rye and brown butter flat bread / cultured butter and pickled lavender & whipped pork fat / plum and linden flowers juice @askanyc

Crispy bladderwrack seaweed & blue mussel emulsion @askanyc