Dinner at kadeau

Dinner at kadeau

at Kadeau on 14 April 2018
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Gooseberry & woodruff & rosehips & sorrel bitter @restaurantkadeau

Pickled and cooked kohlrabi & spruce & mussels and fermented pea broth & black currants @restaurantkadeau

Georges Laval, Brut, 2008 @restaurantkadeau

Roasted squid on seaweed cookie & marigold & chives flower & pickled elderflower & creamed cockles & fermented pineapple @restaurantkadeau

Millefeuille of kohlrabi, kale, beet and zucchini in fermented leek and tomato sauce & lemon thyme and cherry blossoms @restaurantkadeau

Wild oyster & crumbled salt and vinegar potato chips & picked black currant leaf & fermented peas & toasted yeast @restaurantkadeau

cold and hot smoked salmon @restaurantkadeau

Hot and cold smoked salmon & rosehip vinaigrette & unripe plum & fig leaf oil @restaurantkadeau

Spelt and amaranth flat bread & lardo with burnt cherry wood and rosemary @restaurantkadeau

Semi dehydrated tomatoes & king crab & sugar kelp oil & caramelized cream & burnt garlic and tomato powder @restaurantkadeau

Scallop brushed with carrot and mussel licorice paste & pine and hempseed oil & horseradish & shaved scallop roe @restaurantkadeau #topthreedishcph

Wood fire roasted celery root topped with havarti cheese & asparagus and celery juice with fermented butter milk & woodruff @restaurantkadeau

Clos Rougeard, le bourg 2011 @restaurantkadeau

Grilled lamb saddle & beet and black garlic & lemon thyme & dehydrated pumpkin & rhubrab juice @restaurantkadeau

Aged pork & shallots and ramps & seaweed butter & lemon verbena & loveage @restaurantkadeau

pickled gigantic pine cone @restaurantkadeau

Pinenut flour tart & apple & caramelized butter milk & woodruff & pickled pine cone @restaurantkadeau

David Lecomte Chateau de Passavant Coteaux du Layon Les Greffiers, LOIRE @restaurantkadeau

Cream fraiche & mulberry & gooseberry & currants & honey birch snaps @restaurantkadeau

Honey almond cake & fermented honey& propoliss foam @restaurantkadeau

Rowan berry ice cream tart & rhurbarb root oil & milk skin crisp @restaurantkadeau

Propolis aka bee glue @restaurantkadeau

Pickle wall @restaurantkadeau