Dinner at Noma

Dinner at Noma

at Noma 2.0 on 24 July 2019
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in color @nomacph

reset @nomacph

fruit of the loom @nomacph

Caramelized white chocolate & crispy bee larvae & flowers @nomacph

where everyone go? @nomacph

Woodruff vanilla ice cream & candied pine cones & birch kombucha & wood ants & spruce & berries @nomacph

Veggies ragout - artichoke hearts & puffed potato chip with herbs & radish & preserved rose petals and rose hips and truffles & pickled spruce and pine cones & cabbage and broccoli & Australian truffle jus @nomacph

Bbq pine cone on the cob & preserved last year morels and current wild mushrooms with pine butter & Mexican oregano @nomacph

Preserved pine cone on the cob @nomacph

Nasturtium taco of smoked and fried white asparagus & cured egg yolk & wood sorrel @nomacph

Smoked and pickled quail egg in salt preserved ramp leaf with fermented kohlrabi sauce @nomacph

Stuffed zucchini flowers of brown butter with mustard seeds & cucumber flowers @nomacph

Celery root cannelloni made by dehydration and brushing of barley and kelp and egg yolk & oyster leaf & whipped cream @nomacph

Flat bread of lightly grilled chili & wild garlic leaf & chives & turnip & radishes & cucumber @nomacph

Chilled tomato and salted berries soup & ancho chili oil & crispy lemon thyme leaf & smoked barley oil @nomacph

Benedicte & Stephane Tissot Arbois Clos de la Tour de Curon Chardonnay 2008 @nomacph

Koji fermented egg yolk for 48 hours and barley & Australian truffles & kelp @nomacph

Koji fermented sous vide green asparagus in black currant oil straight from fermentation chamber & sauce of pumpkin seeds and roasted yeasts & herb salad @nomacph

Koji molded barley taco & Australian truffles & frozen danish cheese @nomacph

Onion soup jello fortified with kelp & beech nuts & creme fraiche @nomacph

green onion @nomacph

Blackberry leather pouch with candied beet @nomacph

Prevost rose 2014 @nomacph

Padron pepper cooked in charcoal stuffed with dehydrated berries and fermented fava @nomacph

Nasturtium flowers marinaded in pollen on flat bread @nomacph

Pied Oudolf designed garden @nomacph

goose chasing duck @nomacph