Dinner at Empirical Spirits

Dinner at Empirical Spirits

at Empirical Spirits on 8 April 2018
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look who I found! @empiricalcph

barley koji society growing at 36C @empiricalcph

lars and industrial sized rotavap @empiricalcph

barley koji is first fermented like beer, distilled to 30% abv and then redistilled at the low temp distillation still (one w all the pipes) w botanicals for maximal freshness @empiricalcph #macgyverstyle #freshprinceofcph

cuts selection of @empiricalcph

Best cuts then aged briefly in used oloroso casks @empiricalcph

Smoked juniper aged in oroloso vacuum distilled @empiricalcph

for tasting only. quince and black tea @empiricalcph

best way to describe feeling after tasting @empiricalcph #fallenpony