Dinner at Amass Restaurant

Dinner at Amass Restaurant

at Amass on 12 April 2018
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Yesterday's potatoes bread chip & malt vinegar and burnt onion powder & potato skin emulsion @amassrestaurant

Crispy pancake & almond ricotta & black chestnut & dehydrated pumpkin & pickled ramp capers & burnt wood oil @amassrestaurant

Grilled potato bread & roasted kale and sunflower seeds dipping @amassrestaurant

Vouette Sorbee, Blanc d'Argile, blanc de blancs @amassrestaurant

Salted freshwater zalde & fermented rhubarb & roasted corriander & black garlic oil @amassrestaurant

Sea snails & king trumpet mushrooms & koji oil & beef tongue & fennel and seaweed broth & green strawberry @amassrestaurant

Grilled endive & brown butter & pickled mustard seed & yogurt whey @amassrestaurant

cold winter's young savoy cabbage crusted with fermented cabbage trimmings & hollandaise & cabbage stem oil @amassrestaurant

Aged pork delivery by @amassmo

Grilled aged pork neck & walnut milk & lemon skin & ceps oil & wild garlic @amassrestaurant

Cream and yogurt & crispy honey & beet pollen & dehydrated and rehydrated carrot @amassrestaurant #bestdessertoftrip

Parsnip ice cream & spent coffee and oats crisp & licorice and caramel @amassrestaurant

Pumpkin seed custard & pressure cooked honey almonds @amassrestaurant

Black peppercorn & chocolate s'mores @amassrestaurant

spring finally @amassrestaurant

Green house in full swing @amassrestaurant