Dinner at Smyth

Dinner at Smyth

at Smyth on 9 October 2018
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Riveyrac Rivesaltes, LANGUEDOC-ROUSSILLON 1975 @smythchicago

Canele crepe & seaweed caramel tart & salted black licorice carrot & freeze dried corn and cherries and quice tart @smythchicago

Kombu parfait & roasted Apple Koji oil & fermented farro @smythchicago

Yogurt panna cotta & roasted rhubarb & grapes & pickled pine cone @smythchicago

Raspberry milk chocolate & fermented shiitake mushroom @smythchicago

Squab leg and brain & Asian pear with black garlic and finger lime & lima bean miso @smythchicago

Lacquered 2 weeks dry aged squab breast & pineapple sage & roasted Asian pear @smythchicago

Domaine Guiberteau Saumur Rouge Cuvee Les Motelles 2016 @smythchicago

Honey and fennel lacquered squab @smythchicago

Smoked beef tongue & pickled plum & herbs & sprouted wheat cream & pickled ramp capers @smythchicago

Yuba noodles and chanterelle puree & egg yolk & sesame oil & white truffles @smythchicago

Dungeness crab & crab butter infused egg yolk & salt water poached foie & dashi chips @smythchicago

Blue cheese oil poached butternut squash & koji burre blanc foam & walnut and pumpkin seeds & hickory miso @smythchicago #toptendish2018

Keller, abtserde 2016 @smythchicago

Steamed west coast halibut & mussel reduction and spinach puree & fermented spring onion and tea leaf & seaweed oil @smythchicago

Lightly pickled shimaaji & burnt shallots on pickled onions & kombu & smoked apple @smythchicago

Shimaaji pickled in rice bran & baby pine cone honey & shimaaji head salad & vinegar jello & nasturtium @smythchicago

Pierre Peters Cuvee Speciale 'Les Chetillons' Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru Brut 2010 @smythchicago

Oyster & salted strawberry & spruce oil & cucamelon & seaweed & gooseberries & whipped cream @smythchicago

Sea lettuce puff pastry & oyster emulsion & nasturtium @smythchicago