Dinner at Cocina Hermanos Torres

Dinner at Cocina Hermanos Torres

at Hermanos Torres on 23 December 2019
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Chocolate puff and caviar & whiskey passion fruit bon bon @hermanostorres

Cocoa pulp ice cream & miso chocolate @hermanostorres

Caramelized egg yolk ice cream & almond textures & marzipan & candied lemon peels @hermanostorres

Grapefruit sorbet & fennel and herbs meringue @hermanostorres

Raspberry sorbet & yogurt & raspberry vinaigrette @hermanostorres

Two hours roasted suckling pig from Extremadura & pear & tamarind pork jus @hermanostorres

Cod in pil pil & snow peas & black garlic & chil threads @hermanostorres

Seabass steamed in citrus salt bed & vegetable risotto @hermanostorres

Cured tuna roe and anchovies cream & hazelnut & creme fraiche & basil @hermanostorres

Truffles and foie ravioli & sun-dried tomatoes & kalamata olives @hermanostorres

Huelva carabinero & sea fennel & broth foam & pickled cucumber @hermanostorres

Catalan peas and pea shoots & iberico pork jus & cured jowl @hermanostorres

Acorn fed iberico jamon @hermanostorres

15 hours caramelized Fuentes onions soup & parm chip & black truffles & pickled onions & onions consomme jello & mustard and black garlic @hermanostorres

Mussels & saffron and mussels jello noodles & lemongrass & razor clam pil pil @hermanostorres

Rafael Palacios 2007 Colección Vila Viniteca 75 aniversario @hermanostorres

Squid tartare & sake lees & beef fat & caviar & fowl consomme @hermanostorres

Sourdough and Arbequina olive oil @hermanostorres

Crayfish broth jello & seaweed toast & uni & seaweed @hermanostorres

Mushrooms and partridge consomme @hermanostorres

Filetta cheese semifreddo & black truffles @hermanostorres