Dinner at Restaurant Sühring

Dinner at Restaurant Sühring

at Sühring on 30 July 2017
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both of the twins @suhring_twins

Twins german recipe for eggnog @suhring_twins

Creme puff & elephant ear @suhring_twins

Sour cherries balsamic & toasted buckwheat and yeast ice cream & dark beer foam and hazelnut chocolate @suhring_twins

Weingut Emrich-Schonleber Monzinger Halenberg Riesling spatleseslese, NAHE 2014 @suhring_twins

Buttermilk espuma & lime sorbet & gin marinated cucumber & dill oil @suhring_twins

Sauerbraten of wagyu short rib marinated in vinegar and wine for 5 days & semmelknödel & celery root and carrots & horseradish creme @suhring_twins

Weingut Gerhard Markowitsch 'Rubin Carnuntum', zweigelt, CARNUNTUM 2015 @suhring_twins

Spatzle & mushrooms & crispy onions & truffles @suhring_twins

Australian summer truffles @suhring_twins

Pink river trout & potato & parsley tapioca & lemon & brown butter espuma and crumble @suhring_twins

Okonomierat Rebholz 'Vom Losslehm' Grauer Burgunder Trocken, PFALZ 2015 @suhring_twins

Picnic basket - speck & sourdough toasted on open fire & green garlic cultured butter & Camembert and onion and garlic and paprika & pickled mackerel & egg salad @suhring_twins

One of the twins.. @suhring_twins

le coste di clementine bouveron bianco, procanico and malvasia, gradoli 2015 @suhring_twins

Cured Hokkaido scallop & apple and sorrel & pumpkin puree and seed @suhring_twins

Weingut Wittmann Westhofener Riesling Trocken, RHEINHESSEN 2015 @suhring_twins

Foie toast & candied lemon @suhring_twins

JJ Prum Graacher Himmelerich, spatlese, mosel 2015 @suhring_twins

Ham and pineapple sandwich roll & maraschino cherry @suhring_twins

Onions hot pocket & egg yolk & summer truffle @suhring_twins

Pickled sardines burger @suhring_twins

Sturgeon cornet & horseradish creme & chives @suhring_twins

early bird @suhring_twins