Dinner at Gaggan

Dinner at Gaggan

at Gaggan – Bangkok on 28 July 2017
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Gaggan & Nillada

Mango ghevar & condensed milk fried in butter @gaggan_anand

Black forest cake & white chocolate snow & cherries @gaggan_anand

Mango curry ice cream sandwich & white chocolate & curry leaf @gaggan_anand

Beet rose & tonka bean & mashed chocolate cookie @gaggan_anand

Lobster dosai (fermented rice pancake) & green mango & coconut @gaggan_anand

Paul Jaboulet Aine Cote Rotie Les Jumelles 2011 @gaggan_anand

Charred eggplant skin crust & white asparagus and miso & onion & Indian black salt @gaggan_anand

Seabass paturi smoked in cedar wood fire & mustard vindaloo @gaggan_anand

Adding fire to banana leaf curry

Roasted quail & chettinad curry of tamarind and black pepper @gaggan_anand

Hokkaido scallop crudo & curry leaf oil & chili oil & nasturtium & crispy shallots & coconut sorbet @gaggan_anand

Suckling pig vindaloo katsu & mustard & freeze dried cabbage @gaggan_anand

Domaine Roger-Joseph Belland Morgeot-Clos Pitois Monopole, Chassagne-Montrachet Premier Cru 2014 @gaggan_anand

Cucumber & green apple & celery & tomatoes & freeze dried asparagus powder @gaggan_anand

'matcha' palate cleanser @gaggan_anand

Chutoro nigiri with toasted rice meringue & kabosu & wasabi & freeze dried soy @gaggan_anand

Dill cornet & hokkaido uni & horseradish ice cream & gin and tonic foam & cucumber

Cream cheese fish cake & fish bone crumble & pepper jam @gaggan_anand

Toasted yuzu mashmellow & foie & waffles @gaggan_anand

Akami taco of pooris @gaggan_anand

Dimsum kebab burger @gaggan_anand

Coconut & chocolate & chicken liver pate @gaggan_anand

Idli sambar & microwave rice cake @gaggan_anand

Chapati wrap of goat brain & peas & cardamom & chili crumble @gaggan_anand

Chocolate chili spheres @gaggan_anand

Freeze dried eggplant cookie & onion chutney & sorrel @gaggan_anand

Hokkaido shrimp cracker & Tom Yum Kung foam @gaggan_anand

Egon Muller, scharzof, mosel 2014 @gaggan_anand

Yogurt explosion @gaggan_anand

Paan leaf tempura & tomato chili jam @gaggan_anand

Gaggan lab