Meal at The Pilot

Meal at The Pilot

at The Pilot on 11 March 2016
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This was a delightful option to come by.  Immediately the interior makes you feel comfortable and easily surpasses many restaruants that obviously haven’t put thought in to their decor and the service was charming throughout.  The menu is only on the blackbaord adding to the fun of picking everything and I thought the staff were wonderful in catering for my bizarre choices (starters and starter / kids menu portion sized mains with sides) as I just wanted to try a little of as much as possible with so many good options.  All were cooked in this way and there were some great options.  Although I found the bread a little plain, it was superb having it home cooked with wonderful butter and I thought the salmon and dill creme fraiche was wonderful.  The Pork, mini fish and chips and prawn and squid with Asian slaw were all pleasing with the only low moment for me being the fish cake which I found dry and a little bland.

Overall however, for pub food I thought this was absolutely lovely with obvious care going in to all of it and is a lovely, safe bet to go to whenever needed with the fantastic value it has for the price.  I love the comfort of pubs like this and that you can have a full meal, pint and more drinks if needed for such a good price.

7 / 10

The Pilot – overlooking Cardiff Bay

The evening’s mneu

Home cooked bread and butter

Ham and egg

Two content campers

Squid, prawn, Asian slaw

Salmon and fishcake


Onion rings side

Kid’s menu size fish and chips

Creme brulee

The bill for 2