Meal at El Lago

Meal at El Lago

at El Lago on 8 October 2011
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As the summary says this is very nice spot, albeit in an off the beaten track location, but beautifully set right by Greenlife golf course where one can have coffee or pre-dinner drinks on the terrace overlooking the 18th hole. The service here was very good and the restaurant stylish as well. It is only one of two 1 Michelin starred venues within 6 miles of Marbella and is a good find, but I was pretty dissapointed with the lack of creativity for a ‘creative’ restaurant. The skill was there but with the blandness of the one bread on offer, the hard work that the pigeon was to get through and the general lack of flavours, I have no option but to obey my instincts which were that I left thinking vivid thoughts of the food experience here being easily in the lowest quadrant of all 1 Michelin starred placed I have been to. It will definitely gain plus points as a place if you are treating someone, but if you are keen on food, be prepared for some subdued flavours.

Food Grade: 46%

5 / 10

Crisps for nibbles


Wheat bread

Cauliflower soup

Pork terrine

Seafood tartare



Almond ice cream and almond cream

Outdoor terrace