Meal at Vineet Bathia

Meal at Vineet Bathia

at Vineet Bathia on 23 June 2011
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Formerly Rasoi until 2014 and with a Michelin star at the time of visit, Rasoi lost its star the following year, refurbished itself and regained its star in 2017 and is now packed up barely a week later(!).  I took my Godmother out for a lunch at this restaurant at the time and had no idea before going in (other than the fact that my Godmum loves Indian food) of the fact it was essentially set in a Victorian town house, blended in to all the others on the same side street to King’s Road.  After ringing the front doorbell like any other house you are greeted with superb hospitality.  The dining room is obviously small as a result and therefore it is up to the diners to pretend that they cannot hear other people’s conversations.  That is probably the only negative of this otherwise highly amiable little restaurant.  The food was wonderful and the cleverness of the dishes was impressive, most notably the lamb served under a cloche of wood-ship smoke.  Lovely flavours and an entirely charming eatery; perfect for Indian food lovers and especially for taking folks or God-folks out for a lovely bite if they like Indian food.

Vaneet Bahia is due to close in order to relocate premises and reopen just before Christmas 2017 or just after – time will tell what happens.

8 / 10

Popadoms & chutney

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Smoked starter

Smoked pork

Pork starter

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