Meal at The Fountain at Fortnum Mason

Meal at The Fountain at Fortnum Mason

at The Fountain at Fortnum Mason on 13 January 2008
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A very brief visit here for a little Birthday celebration revealing some classic dishes such as eggs benedict, eggs rarebit and three versions of foie gras which, I unfortunately did not take a picture of before devouring(!).  The latter was a lovely option to have which I hadn’t seen anywhere else.  I went here so long ago now and at a time when I was only beginning to be keen on food properly, so I don’t think I can do Fortnums justice on this however, I can say it was a highly pleasing affair, we were well looked after and the food was entirely doable, especially the foie gras.  If I went back and had this now after doing the collection of Michelin venues done, no doubt I would be picking holes.  But I would certainly be happy to go again whenever possible and its grandeur would dictate that I would probably only do this if I was dressed suitably.

Food Grade: 65%

7 / 10

Foie gras three ways

Buck rarebit

Eggs benedict