Meal at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

Meal at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal

at Dinner by Heston Blumenthal on 30 January 2015
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This is my fourth visit to Mr Blumenthal’s Dinner and I have to say it is still absolutely exquisite in its products.  Once again the service was very welcoming and the highlights for me this time were electing for the set menu which had the treats of buttermilk to go with my fish and also a gorgeous beetroot sauce to go with the salmon.  I don’t particularly like beetroot but this version was most pleasing.  The cucumber ketchup and seaweed ketchup to go with the dishes opposite me were asbolutely fantastic.  The ice cream trolley was ‘deployed’ once again to much fun effect and my earl grey tea biscuit with ganache to go with tea at the end of the meal finished everything off perfectly.  Another triumph and it remains a special food venue in London.  Had it not been for the bone that was discovered in the seabass I would have given well above 90% but have had to tone it down for that reason.  I also deduct an experience point in that one of the waiters did rather choose to wade in (ie. interrupt straight away when he arrived at the table as he was in a hurry).  However, the food remains truly wonderful.  Going on pay day is recommended here.

Food Grade: 89%

9 / 10

Meat Fruit

Hay smoked salmon


Pollack & buttermilk

Seabass & seaweed


Cod & pea puree

Egg & mushroom pastry


Steak, bone marrow & mushroom ketchup

Lemon tart

Chocolate bar

Nitro ice cream trolley

Petit fours





Nitro ice cream toppings

Ice cream cone filler

Vanilla cream

Nitro ice cream making

Fennel seed-coated sugar topping

A pleasing effect

Petit fours

Meat fruit (1)

Meat fruit (2)


A happy person

Cheese & potato


Steak with bone marrow

With chips and mushroom ketchup

Pork with puffed crackling

Tipsy cake

Brown butter ice cream

Cherry sorbet

Custard cake

Milk sorbet

Chocolate bar

Petits fours

Ouch, but a brilliant meal