Meal at Barrafina

Meal at Barrafina

at Barrafina on 27 December 2014
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I was in the area and we needed food, so luckily got a seat prior to everyone and this time had the classic Iberico ham, gorgeous croquetta with béchamel and bacon, incredibly good lemon oil based prawns and a deep fried courgette flower with goats cheese and brushes of syrup.  I have to say the dishes were far better than last time and I knew the desserts would be average so simply avoided them and replaced with sherry and beer to go with the savouries!  A lovely set of dishes, which were, thankfully not long a wait as we were the last two to get seats on the first ‘wave’.  Still would not wait an hour for it but was very pleased to be able to have again.

Food Rating: 83%

8 / 10

Courgette flower stuffed with cheese


Black pudding, quail eggs and chips with pepper ketchup

King prawn

Iberico ham

Iberico ham & croquetta



Calamari & Pig’s Ears

Quail Egg & Black Pudding


Almond Cake

Average evening queue

Queue extending to entrance

Barrafina Menu


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