Meal at The Bath Priory

Meal at The Bath Priory

at The Bath Priory on 1 June 2014
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This was a lovely afternoon I experienced as a Birthday treat from my ex-girlfriend.  We went for the full blown tasting menu and the dishes were very stylish and no question of pleasing flavours but no stand out dish making it another pleasant but mid-range 1 Michelin starred option.  It was as a fact of staying there that the menu was done fully, and so in summary I would not go back just for the food, but as a place to have a pleasant experience, the lounge, fireplace and garden were absolutely charming.  Bare feet croquet in the garden in the afternoon sunchine was cracking and the gardens are like a little oasis it has to be said.  Overall, very pleasing and perfect for reserved occasions, stays and for couples but probably not for huge celebrations or younger crowds.

Food Grade: 72%

7 / 10

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Tea and petits fours


Petits fours