Dinner at Stuzzikini

Dinner at Stuzzikini

at Stuzzikini on 24 July 2019
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We went to this small family run restaurant in the old town of Marbella. Had no reservation but we could get a table with a time condition.
We began our meal with a sautéed king prawns and caponata starters. Both dishes were perfectly cooked and presented, the prawns were tender and tasty, the caponata with aubergine, courgette, cherry tomatoes and capers were very nice as well.
For main we have opted a fregula Sarda and spaghetti carbonara both cooked the authentic way.
The fregula is a Sicilian dish. In the Sarde version small pasta balls cooked in prawn bisque served with wild claims, prawn tails, bottarga garlic, chilli and cherry tomatoes. The home made pastas were cooked beautifully, the prawn bisque had plenty of flavour with just the right hint of chilli.
The place is certainly above the rest of the Italian restaurant in Marbella. The food is first class, the staff was very attentive and efficient. Highly recommended.

7 / 10

Sautéed king prawns with garlic, chilli, cherry tomato and flambé with brandy

Caponata- aubergines, courgettes, pine nuts, red onions, cherry tomatoes, red peppers and capers

Fregula sarda- small pasta balls cooked in prawn bisque with wild clams, prawn trails, bottarga garlic, chilli and cherry tomatoes

Spaghetti alla carbonara by the authentic way