at Bibo Dani Garcia on 25 July 2019
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We have spent 2 days in Marbella for a music festival in July and we were fortunate enough to be able to have lunch at this long time bucket- list restaurant. Sadly the restaurant in this form is closing down end of October, so we really could enjoy the fantastic creations of Dani Garcia in the last moment.
The restaurant is situated outside of Marbella in the Puente Romano Hotel Resort. The establishment inside is stylish, the atmosphere is relaxed.
After the nibbles our meal started with his famous green tomato gazpacho with scallops, followed by a white gazpacho with false herring roe, Andalusian style beef tongue with caviar and anchovies with truffle and smoked eel.
For main they have served red prawns with pil-pil gazpachuelo and pepper, Gipsy stew with tendons and sea snail, Grilled sea brim, baby goat cheeks and belly.
The bread selection was served with one of the most delicious selection of cow, sheep and goat milk butters.
This time we didn’t order matching wine for the menu. Our choice was an excellent French rose- a bottle of Chateau Simone (2016).
The service was faultless and helpful, we never felt rushed through our meal. The whole menu was beautifully presented and delicious.
Excellent meal, every Michelin star is well deserved. I am sure whatever gastronomic direction Dani Garcia will choose for the future he will do it with care and attention to all details. Best of luck for the future.

9 / 10


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