Lunch at La Tasquería

Lunch at La Tasquería

at La Tasqueria de Javi Estevez on 8 December 2019
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La Tasqueria restaurant is in the souther part of Chamberi district, very close to the famous Retiro park. The young owner- head chef Javi Estévez offers a very interesting and innovative mix of street food and old style Spanish dishes with almost forgotten offal elements.
The local tavern style ground floor dining room has minimalist wooden interior and two big windows with natural light.
There were two tasting menus at 50 Euro and 70 Euro as well as an a la carte choice.
The meal has begun with appetisers, beef tongue, olives and sourdough bread with olive oil.
We have ordered few dishes from the a la carte option. We started with a beef tongue and lobster salad, for second course we had tacos with beef tongue and lobster and third course brioche with roasted lamb and wild mushroom.
The salad was very pleasant and refreshing, the tacos were very enjoyable, the beef tong had good flavour and was nicely cooked. The brioche dish had rich flavours, the lamb and the wild mushroom were gently cooked, they went well together.
The place was very busy but the staff was attentive, our waitress was friendly and helpful.
The Tasqueria was a very pleasant experience, with the quality of the food, the well executed dishes and the atmosphere all together. We will be back.

7 / 10

Tacos with beef tongue and lobster

Brioche with roasted lamb and wild mushroom