Lunch at Restaurante Bocana De Palos

Lunch at Restaurante Bocana De Palos

at Bocana De Palos Restaurant on 17 February 2019
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Restaurant Bocana de Palos is located in the fishermen’s harbour at Cabo Palos with a nice view of the boats and the open sea. The restaurant is usually very busy but it has a nice atmosphere and attentive staff.
We have taken friends and also family here several times and we have never been disappointed, food and service is always high standard.
In the neighbourhood far the best selection of seafood, fresh local fish dishes and rice specialities of the area. Good wine selection as well.
Our firm favourites are the tuna belly with tomatoes, fried squid rings, octopus and fried anchovies.
We often eat John Dory with sautéed potatoes and fresh garlic, the baby lamb shoulder with spring garlic is also often chosen by us. One of the very few restaurants of the area offering lovely homemade dessert selection.
This casual restaurant is a perfect spot for lunch or dinner for seafood lovers.

6 / 10

Grilled salmon fillet on a bed of Thai style noodle

Greek mezze plate -humus tzatziki, marinated olives and feta with pita bread

Tuna belly salad

Fried squid rings

Fried octopus

Fried anchovies

Oven roasted shoulder of baby lamb served with home made chips and fried pepper

John Dory grilled with fresh garlic, served with home made chips and fried pepper