Lunch at Beszálló

Lunch at Beszálló

at Beszálló on 9 January 2018
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Had lunch here the day they have reopened after their winter holiday. We have heard so many good things about this place, were really looking forward sampling the menu. What a let down. Most of the dishes came lukewarm, under seasoned, boring. Roasted mackerel was overcooked, therefor dry, trout sushi was a joke, pork sausage was just about okay. The homemade bread is really good. We understood some of the dishes were new on the menu, they really should spend more time in the kitchen to rethink the seasoning and some of the textures....

2 / 10

Home made pork sausage, homemade mustard,shitake

Roasted tofu, thai mango, keshu

Eringi mushroom salad, cheese, pickled egg

Roasted mackerel, pasta salad,

Trout sushi