Diner at La Bergerie

Diner at La Bergerie

at La Bergerie on 22 November 2018
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La Bergerie is the casual restaurant of the two Michelin star Maison Edouard Loubet outside of Bonnieux, in the heart of Provence.
After a whole day journey we arrived at the restaurant at 9.30, but the service was still smooth and pleasant with a cosy atmosphere.
In the shadow of the "big sister" the cuisine is simple but everything prepared with top quality ingredients. Our choice were beef tartar with green salad and fries and Terrine terroir for stater, a leg of lamb from the open grill as mains.
Our dessert and coffee were served by the open fireplace to finish a lovely dinner.
Excellent dinner, well worth every cent.

5 / 10

Open kitchen

Terrine terroir

Beef tartare with home made chips and green salads

Leg of lamb

Fire place